ROE-109 Take you home to fuck your mother

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    After his father divorced, the family had only three men living together. Because in the past no one had to do housework, now they have to eat instant noodles for meals. Seeing that he could not continue like this any longer, the father decided to hire a housekeeper. Yuka was assigned to work here. She is very good at cooking and cleaning. Furthermore, Yuka dresses very coolly, her giant breasts are always exposed in large areas, and her underwear is constantly hidden in front of the two brothers' eyes, causing both of their sexual desires to increase. Some time later, while accidentally passing by their father's room, the two discovered Yuka sucking her father's cock! Sakuto immediately recorded this scene so he could use it later. The next day, the brothers' father decided to make his and Yuka's relationship public. He wanted to marry her and the two brothers would have a new mother. And that was when Sakuto decided to turn this future stepmother into the brothers' personal sex slave. He showed Yuka the secretly recorded video, threatening to spread it online if she did not listen. Yuka had to helplessly obey, but the pleasure of being fucked by two young, energetic boys made her mind go blank. She doesn't want to leave these two cocks! Therefore, when Sakuto deleted the video, Yuka still wanted to be with the two brothers, obediently being a sex slave for her husband's two sons.
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